Our History

The roots of our company date back to 1985, when future LandSource president David Patterson joined the surveying department of Rodi & Songy a small engineering firm. In 1994, Rodi & Songy merged with Chenevert Soderberg, an architectural firm, to become Chenevert Songy Rodi Soderberg (CSRS). At the urging of Patterson, CSRS decided to form LandSource as a separate company in 1994 in an effort to better market the land information services of CSRS.

With Patterson serving as manager, LandSource experienced steady growth and ever-increasing recognition as a land information services leader in the business community. In 1996, Patterson became minority owner of the company and in 1998 he acquired the business and became the sole proprietor. In 1999, LandSource moved to its present location in Industriplex a commercial office park located in south Baton Rouge.

Today, LandSource is firmly established as one of the top land information companies in the region. Our company continues to grow, with a focus on keeping our skills and knowledge fresh while always delivering high quality services and unsurpassed customer satisfaction.



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